STAIRS has specific training programs tailored to customer needs, developing customized programs with a high impact on the workforce

Recruitment & Selection

Our solutions are specially developed and adapted to the specific requirements of our customers. We guarantee that the client hires the employees that best fit your organization and your business, reducing costs and possible errors that may occur in the hiring process

Assessement Centre

We identify, map and evaluate potential. The objective is to evaluate the level of adjustment of the behavioral profile of the employees for their respective functions, as well as their development potential.

Strategic Reorganization

We support restructuring projects. The current challenges and the constant change in today's business world compel companies to readjust themselves and resize almost immediately. This reality requires that the process must be done with the utmost care, in order to minimize the loss of value and to leverage existing resources



Hogan Assessments

Stairs People Advisors is the official distributor of Hogan Assessments in Portugal


We Support the review / implementation of Evaluation and Performance Management and Competency Models to enable the mapping and evaluation of objectives and competencies

Counseling and Coaching

We plan and execute all development processes from individual contributors to top executive positions



  • Strategy | Análise detalhada das necessidades estratégicas do Cliente
  • Talent | Direct search with the aim of capturing the best talent
  • Aim | Activation of our methodologies and specializations
  • Influence | Developing lasting relationships with Clients and Candidates
  • Results | Focus on obtaining results
  • Success | Focus on Customer Satisfaction


A Hogan tem 30 anos de experiência em Assessments e soluções de consultoria. As avaliações da Hogan podem ser usadas em qualquer nível de toda a organização. As soluções personalizadas oferecem formas eficazes de integrar a avaliação da personalidade em programas de seleção, desenvolvimento e identificação de talentos.

Drs. Joyce and Robert Hogan were pioneers in industrial-organizational psychology and personality assessment. Today, Hogan maintains the largest and best-regarded research department in the industry. With approximately 30 distributors operating in more than 57 countries across six continents, the assessments are locally supported by the authorized distributors. Hogan’s assessments are available in more than 46 languages



The HPI describes how individuals manage stress, interact with others, approach work tasks, and solve problems


Hogan Inventory of Challenges

The HDS describes behaviors that emerge during times of stress, damaging relationships and derailing careers


Motives, Values, and Preferences Inventory

The MVPI describes an individual’s core values – the goals and interests that determine satisfaction and drive careers


Excellent training. It exceeded my expectations! I already knew the tool and this training was very useful to help me potentiate it. Hogan is a great tool for HR! The training was well structured, interesting, dynamic and I still had the privilege of receiving from the trainer a fantastic book "The Talent delusion". Very good. Highly recommend to everyone! Congratulations to STAIRS

Helena Costa Director of Human Resources - Minor Hotels for Portugal

The Hogan certification has allowed me to access a powerful assessment tool that gives me a deeper understanding of the personality and potential of candidate development. But what surprised me the most was Hogan's demand to eliminate factors that could influence or distort the results so as to always obtain the most reliable results from each individual

João Vieira Director of Human Resources - Corinthia Hotel Lisbon